How can I get time freedom?


When you learn new digital skills, you will find that you can begin to take advantage of the digital economy. More and more people buy their products and services using the internet. Imagine how empowering it would be for you to be able to earn commissions from selling other company's products from your own laptop? You could work from anywhere in the world! More and more people are saying no to feeling trapped and are training up

This education platform helps you by showing you how you could start your own online business. Click on the link below to find out more. The seven day video series I will send you by email is risk free. 

What are your needs?

Time freedom

Time freedom skills

Ever felt like there must be more to life than working for someone else? Just imagine having the freedom to choose.



 If you are tired of the 7am to 6pm job that makes you feel like you are on a treadmill this method will change your life. This is a proven digital education and business system  will teach you how to regain your freedom.

Financial freedom


If you feel like you don't get paid what you deserve and are tied down to a job that steals your valuable time, you are in the right place. This education system shows you exactly what you need to do to break out of this pattern.

What do I get with the training?


Training on how to start your own online business.

Did you know that even if you don't have your own products and services, you can still make commissions from selling other people's products and services? 


A 'must-have' training for existing businesses.

If you have a existing traditional business, this system teaches you how to conduct yourself online successfully. Not only can you learn to build your website with the integrated tools, you can market your products and personal brand. Learn to promote yourself and your product to bigger audiences  to make your existing business more profitable.


E- Commerce and E-courses Training

Whether you want to sell physical products and services online, or start your sell your own E-courses, learn how to do it all here. You are fully supported with an online team.

Train up from the people who know. 

You can do this!

Train up around your current job.


Many of our members spend a few hours in the evening to train up around their current job or commitments. It is done on your laptop, tablet or phone,

No experience needed.


You don't need any prior experience because each step is explained fully on the course. Even if you feel as if you are not 'tech-savy'  you will get all the support you need to get up and running.

Age is not a barrier!


We have members from all age groups, from all backgrounds and all walks of life. There is no such thing as too old or too young. The training is fully accessible to everyone.

This training has the advantage of allowing you to:


  • Decide your own time schedules of when to work.
  • Avoid commuting and those endless traffic jams!
  • Structure  your ideal day as you choose.
  •  Earn more and feel valued by a massive community.
  • Live a life of freedom 
  • Pursue your passions and interests.

Time Freedom skills

An introduction from Sheila Emery. 

Your valuable time


Your time should be yours to enjoy.

Want more time freedom, less stress and hassle?  A new income stream  from Digital Education is the way forward. You train on your own terms from your own laptop and earn as you learn. Take your first steps now to a new found freedom.


How is this different from other courses?

With greater accessibility to mobile phones, tablets and laptops and faster internet connections this education has never been more relevant. Many people spend hours using social media. Why not spend that time to make an income? This is not a get-rich scheme. Here is an advanced up to the minute education platform. As with any education, it requires commitment to learn new skills and action to implement them into place. There are many online courses out there but none of them provide such high quality support, tools and the chance to earn an income like this one.

The seven day video series I will send you by email is risk free. 

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