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Many people look for a career change after a number of years of doing the same job, in the same industry. For some it is the lack of prospects, boredom or feeling underpaid and undervalued. The overall feeling is that people want to earn more, get more responsibility and feel valued.

What is driving you to look for a career change?

Please consider this question carefully.

Do you suffer from stress or anxiety in your current job? Is your job just draining you and you want a break?  Perhaps you can't see yourself doing the same job for another ten, twenty or thirty years. In other words, what is driving you away from your current situation?

The reality of changing career can be tough.

If you did change careers to something completely new, it won't be easy to step up. To be honest, you'd have to take a pay cut, retrain from somebody who is half your age and someone will still be telling you what to do. Be prepared to offer free work on your part just to get the experience. Chances are, it won't be as good as it was envisaged.

The truth is that the grass is never green on the other side. 

I have helped from so many people change their careers, only to find that they had to revert back to their previous jobs, even with a pay cut after a couple of years.Do you know why?  

It's because people tend to stay in their comfort zones and don't really adjust to change well. You can have all the training in the world and opportunities but still feel dissatisfied.

Change has to come from within and gently. You can't force change because your mindset is fixed to an extent. You need to work on yourself, your mission in life, your values and purpose life. 

Take charge of yourself

In reality  people want to~:

  • Be your own boss.
  • Decide your own time schedules of when to work.
  • Don't like the commuting.
  • Hate the boredom of working for someone else. 
  • Want to earn more and feel valued.

If this is you then you want a career change that gives you time freedom, and financial freedom. In other words you want to own your own online business and do your own thing. You don't need overheads or masses of capital to invest. You just need training from mentors, support and a community of people doing the same thing as you to help and support you. 

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